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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The door was left slightly ajar, and there was much coming and going; much excited chatter.
▪ The truck's door was slightly ajar.
▪ The landing light was on, and Rufus's bedroom door was slightly ajar.
▪ She had left the dining-room door open and the cupboard door slightly ajar.
▪ To his right, stood a large walk-in cupboard marked as chemical storage, its door slightly ajar.
▪ The wooden gates to Drachenfels are solid and slightly ajar.
▪ The corridor was empty, but the door to the inspector's room was slightly ajar.
▪ She had left her bedroom door ajar and could hear her parents talking downstairs.
▪ To his right was a large walk-in cupboard, its door slightly ajar.
▪ I noticed that the door to it was ajar and realized what had happened.
▪ I went back to the door and opened it, leaving it ajar.
▪ Sometimes the door was ajar and I would see her sitting absolutely still, staring into space, not reading at all.
▪ The door was ajar and Patrick could see movement inside the room.
▪ The door was ajar, letting out the warmth and scent of heaven.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ajar \A*jar"\, adv. [Pref. a- + jar.] In a state of discord; out of harmony; as, he is ajar with the world. [1913 Webster] ||


Ajar \A*jar"\, adv. [OE. on char ajar, on the turn; AS. cerr, cyrr, turn, akin to G. kehren to turn, and to D. akerre. See Char.] Slightly turned or opened; as, the door was standing ajar.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1718, perhaps from Scottish dialectal a char "slightly open," earlier on char (early 16c.), from Middle English char, from Old English cier "a turn."


Etymology 1

  1. Slightly turned or opened. adv. Slightly turned or opened. v

  2. (context rare perhaps nonstandard English) To turn or open slightly; to become ajar or to cause to become ajar; to be or to hang ajar. Etymology 2

    adv. 1 (label en archaic) Out of harmony. 2 Being at variance or in contradiction to something. vb. (context rare perhaps nonstandard English) To show variance or contradiction with something; to be or cause to be askew.


adj. slightly open; "the door was ajar" [syn: ajar(p)]


Ajar or AJAR may refer to:

  • Ajar, Afghanistan
  • Ajar, Mauritania
  • Ajar people, an ethnographic group of Georgians
  • the Australian Journal of Agricultural Research
  • the African Journal of AIDS Research
  • AJAR (applications software platform), a Motorola software platform for mobile phones
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Usage examples of "ajar".

Pennyworth told me how Avis listened behind that door on my first visit here, and I saw this time that it stood ajar.

Beaten haggard, he stood cloakless in his travel-stained leathers, while draught from the door left ajar at his back flared and harried the stubs of the candles.

And in the end I went, wet, hatless, and dazed in the morning light, and entered that awful door in Benefit Street which I had left ajar, and which still swung cryptically in full sight of the early householders to whom I dared not speak.

The chest had been abandoned among others in a dim storeroom, but the door of the room was ajar, admitting a streak of cyanic light.

Finding the door ajar, he rapped on it with his knuckles and pushed through to discover Ebby sitting with his feet propped up on the sill.

I therefore managed to tell Bettina that I would leave ajar the door of my room, and that I would wait for her as soon as everyone in the house had gone to bed.

Jeremid beckoned, and when they got to him, Kittul Kendersson stood with the door ajar.

Afraid to look, but knowing she had to, Merissa swung open all the cabinet doors, leaving them ajar so that Cagan could share the sight of her meager findings.

I avoided him by dodging into the oilery by a side door which happened to stand ajar.

For once contact has been made, once the door to the other world has been set ajar, a host of waiting intelligences may crowd through.

Under the gaze of a weedy youth with his mouth permanently ajar, they sat down on three wooden chairs and Smithers, taking the initiative, asked the chemist to remember whether he had ever seen Victoria before.

There was a velodrome of parquet-floor between them and, as if I was expected, one of the doors was ajar.

He glanced once at the door still ajar behind him, fair and young and uneasy, his riding gloves wrung between tortured hands.

Faint sounds of drawers opening and closing came from the bedroom door that Sandra Munter left ajar.

De Biasi had given me a huge Panettone, biscuits, jars of anchovies, a bottle of olive oil, ajar of pesto.