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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Not only are aitches dropped, appalling vocals now reign virtually supreme in the realm of pronunciation.
▪ Some foreign learners also have trouble with their aitches.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aitch \Aitch\, n. The letter h or H.


n. (Latn-def en name H h)

Aitch (surname)

Aitch is an English surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Iain Aitch, English writer and journalist
  • Matt Aitch (1944–2007), American basketball player

Usage examples of "aitch".

There are many jokes turning on malapropisms, illiteracy, dropped aitches and the rough manners of slum-dwellers.

He was determined to speak nicely and not drop his aitches, something he always tried when meeting new people but only managed to keep up for twenty minutes or so.

I talked the same way at his age, fighting my rogue aitches and glottal stops.

Movements Officer, Fred Flint - short and round with a button nose and the face of a pug, all bulging eyes and a way of dropping his aitches and watching with a glint of humour to see if it startled you.

But if you should drop on Nowlett in the far an' distant west -- An' if Jimmy uses doubleyou instead of ar an' vee, An' if he drops his aitches, then you're sure to know it's he.

Cynthia Boutell is an interfering, nose-poking, mischief-making old Bee Eye Tee See Aitch.

Likely they would have succeeded but the Aitch Bee, also impatient to reach port, came bucketing down the searoute.