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Aisén or Aysén may refer to:

  • Aisén (name), the name of several places in Chile
  • Aysén, Chile, a commune in Aysén Province
  • Aysén Region, one of Chile's administrative divisions
  • Aysén Province, a province in the Chilean region
  • Puerto Aisén, the capital city of Aysén Province
Aisén (name)

Aisén or Aysén is the name of several places in Chile.

The Aysén or Aisén Region is the least populous of Chile's 15 first order administrative divisions. Aysén Province is one of four provinces in the region. Aysén, Chile is also the name of a commune in the province, which in turn is home to the city of Puerto Aisén, the capital of both the commune and the province.

The etymology of the name is uncertain, but may come from the Huillice language or possibly the Chono language.

While official documents spell the name Aisén, people in the region often prefer to spell it as Aysén.