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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ai \A"i\, n.; pl. Ais. [Braz. a["i], ha["i], from the animal's cry: cf. F. a["i].] (Zo["o]l.) The three-toed sloth ( Bradypus tridactylus) of South America. See Sloth. [1913 Webster] ||


n. 1 (context nautical English) (acronym of automatic identification system lang=en dot=), as an element of the Global Marine Distress and Safety System GMDSS. 2 (initialism of Australian Illawarra Shorthorn lang=en dot=) (Cattle breed) n. (initialism of English)



As an acronym AIS may refer to:

Usage examples of "ais".

Security was tight all over Vesta, every public area under the supervision of security AIs, and with the wealth that trade with the Powers was providing, Brighter Suns could afford the best in police personnel.

The entire history of the Mercatoria was the record of its implacable persecution and destruction of AIs and the continual, laborious, zealously pursued effort to prevent them ever again coming into existence within the civilised galaxy.

During the time it took me to leave the office and do the shopping I got a lot of requests on my recent papers, some of them from TV research AIs surfing for background material they could use to fill out the hyperlinks on their permitted fifty-word byline, which was going to explain, very quietly, that Sankhara was no longer issuing visas of any kind and that all nonresidential permits were, as of this evening, revoked.

Ghost Warriors were human corpses used as weapons, guided by computer implants, controlled by the rogue AIs of Shub.

Micro Business Machines and General Electric re was still a lot of amorphously skittish international law ties like Pylos, most of it centering on whether artificial had fulfilled enough of the Turing test to qualify as citile countries AIs had rights comparable to nonliving legal corporations.

The Furies seized a dozen toys at random, took them inside their inhuman ship, and upgraded their intelligence, turning them from simple preprogrammed servants into fully fledged independent AIs.

AIs were supplying him with new advanced high tech to keep the Wolfes ahead of the pack.

Listener Liaison guy, William Grimes, and two of his aides got out of the CMG, as did two bugs, one slightly larger than the other.

The whole family were with her on holidays that trip, so they camped in a caravan park near the AIS while Cathy met Australian athletes preparing for the Los Angeles Olympics, a few weeks off.

You think a buncha escaped AIs would survive one minute if they were linked up?

So AIs, especially at first, tended to reflect the civilisational demeanour of their source species.

Most civilisations that had acquired the means to build genu ine Artificial Intelligences duly built them, and most of those designed or shaped the consciousness of the AIs to a greater or lesser extent.

It took awhile -- the trees of acceptable substitutions were multi-branched, intertwined, close to a combinatorial explosion, challenging even for the AIs.

The Kenduskeag was high and silver-sullen, filling its channel from bank to bank, and according to Egbert Thoroughgood, a fallish wind was blowin - the kine dat alms fine de hole in y'paints and blow strayduppa cracka yo ais.

The shrouds are now believed to be artificial life-forms, biological AIs, de-signed for a wide range of purposes.