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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
airtight/watertight seal
▪ an airtight seal around the windows
an airtight/watertight container (=not allowing air or water in)
▪ Seeds are best stored in airtight containers.
▪ Uncooked madeira cake mixture can be frozen in an airtight container.
▪ When cold, pack into an airtight container and store in a cool, dry place.
▪ Freeze or prepare a day ahead of the party and store in an airtight container.
▪ Seeds are best stored in airtight containers.
▪ Security was airtight.
▪ Store cookies in an airtight container.
▪ He wears a white helmet that is sealed to his airtight suit and he strides to the unmarked plane without delay.
▪ If hydrogen sulfide or some other poisonous gas is detected, Donahue dons an airtight breathing device and a hard hat.
▪ Now there was the sound of a seeming kiss as an airtight hatch in the bottom of the saucer was opened.
▪ Sealing food in an airtight jar starves the bacteria of oxygen and they are unable to reproduce.
▪ The game warden and the biospherians were facing each other on either side of a thick airtight window.
▪ This is the reason you will notice jar lids advertising airtight seals and warning against consumption when the seal is broken.
▪ Uncooked madeira cake mixture can be frozen in an airtight container.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also air-tight, "impervious to air," 1760, from air (n.1) + tight. Figurative sense of "incontrovertible" (of arguments, alabis, etc.) is from 1929.


a. 1 Being impermeable to air or other gases. 2 (context figuratively English) Having no weak points or flaws. 3 (context figuratively of a person English) Highly reserved in some matter, particularly tight-lipped or tight-fisted.

  1. adj. having no weak points; "an airtight defense"; "an airtight argument" [syn: air-tight]

  2. not allowing air or gas to pass in or out [syn: air-tight, gas-tight]

Airtight (G.I. Joe)

Airtight is a fictional character from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero toyline, comic books and cartoon series. He is the G.I. Joe Team's hostile environment specialist and debuted in 1985.

Airtight (film)

Airtight is an upcoming American drama thriller film written, produced and directed by Derek Estlin Purvis. A riveting psychological thriller set in a NY mansion and an homage to Alfred Hitchcock, Airtight is based on the true events that inspired a play in the 1920s, an adaptation by Hitchcock in the 1940s and this feature film from 2013. Airtight made good on its attempt to complete the film in fewer shots than Hitchcock did with his, capturing it in full in just 4 shots, including a 38-minute single shot which anchors the center of the film.

Airtight (disambiguation)

The term "airtight" may refer to:

  • Hermetic seals, also commonly referred to as "airtight seals"
  • Airtight (film), an upcoming American drama thriller film by Derek Estlin Purvis
  • Airtight Games, a video game developer
  • Airtight (G.I. Joe), a fictional character

Usage examples of "airtight".

Our airtight hatches had divided the disk into wedge-shaped slices, at either end of every section.

The actual manuscripts dating back to Leibowitzian times which had been sealed in airtight casks and locked in special storage vaults for indefinitely long preservation were then brought out.

Tyler had also discovered that four of the people on the list had airtight alibis for many of the murders.

The others secretly laughed at her because she insisted on having tea in her own bone china cup and buying her own rich tea biscuits which she kept in an airtight box locked in her desk drawer.

Even sealed in an airtight container, a lot of the chemicals would lose their potency over the long decades, and a few would turn lethal.

Airtight nanocomposite shells with opposing electromagnets at each end.

They had erected an ellipsoid force field for the protection of the entire group, for the all-purpose vehicles, the cross-country jeeps containing radar and radio installations, the mobile kitchen, the trailer with airtight living quarters, and the small carriage on caterpillar tracks on which their laser beam sender had been mounted.

He lay on the ledge and giggled, softly, a whuffling intake and outgo of air, then he did his breathing exercises, slow the breath, in-out, in-in-in until his body ached, out-out-out until he was empty, again and again, until he was wholly relaxed, limp, almost asleep, breathing the cool odorous smell of the stone, the sealants that made the room potentially airtight, fugitive traces of robot stink and other traces it was not possible to identify.

However, the rest of the ship should be airtight, unless stray laser bolts had pierced the bulkheads.

When they traveled from village to village they carried their fire with them in an airtight buffalo horn covered with punk and held by buckskin loops.

Maury Povich Show, as Mark Byers had stated that on the date of the murders, he picked up his wife from work and had an airtight alibi.

Still we were determined to enjoy ourselves, and forward we went, crunching knee deep through aboriginal leaves, hoping to reach some spot less perfectly airtight than our landing-place.

The oily-feeling door yielded with a click and a brief hiss, as if some kind of airtight seal had been broken.

With the rupturing of her pressure hull airtight doors slammed shut, and nobody was so unfortunate as to be caught in any of the directly affected compartments.

Using his master key he went down through compartment after airtight compartment.