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n. (plural of airport English)

Usage examples of "airports".

Some airports were better than others, but for the most part, the ramp was dominated by men and the ready room was where they congregated to do what men in packs do.

He wakes up every morning to face a split-second, 18-hour-a-day schedule of meetings, airports, speeches, press conferences, motorcades and handshaking.

The room with its stone hearth, marble font, its ferns and fan palms and village rugs was devised by Lindsay to make her husband feel he had put behind him, at least for a time, all airports and travel.

During all the night the radial bulletins spread the news of fled his, but the more they went into in Colorado, the less was spoken of the subject, without a doubt because nobody hoped that it went towards the north, far from the main airports, railway stations and of omnibus.

As at all airports, the designation was in large white characters on the runway surface.

Compared with Customs departments at important international airports like Miami, New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco, Opa Locka was a poor relation, obliged to use less exacting procedures than elsewhere.

Shadow looked out of the window: it was a little airport in the middle of nowhere, and there were still two little airports to go before Eagle Point.

He knew that MI-6 and other intelligence agencies kept the Hovercraft under surveillance the same as they did major airports and railway stations.

On the ramp were three men--normal British Airports Authority reception staff in fluorescent jackets, who were manning the air bridge helping a woman into a wheelchair.