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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ a hot, airless kitchen
▪ Hales lived in a tiny, airless room with one small window that wouldn't open.
▪ The classroom was airless and uncomfortably hot.
▪ From outside, the sounds of a game of cricket floated into the hot airless room.
▪ He preferred the airless quiet of the tunnel to the numbing of his skull.
▪ He was alone in an airless, partially disabled ship, all communication with Earth cut off.
▪ It was his building, Lewis' s. It was like his tomb or mausoleum, almost airless.
▪ It was hot, airless, badly lit, and generally had a cramped below-decks feel to it.
▪ Oliver stared around the dark, airless shop at the coffins, some finished, some only half-made.
▪ The room is airless, the windows too high for him to open or to see out.
▪ The rooms smelled musty and airless, and wallpaper was peeling in great patches.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Airless \Air"less\, a. Not open to a free current of air; wanting fresh air, or communication with the open air.


a. 1 Lacking or being without air. 2 Lacking air circulation.


adj. lacking fresh air; "a dusty airless attic"; "the dreadfully close atmosphere"; "hot and stuffy and the air was blue with smoke" [syn: close, stuffy, unaired]

Usage examples of "airless".

In spite of the three air conditioners aft blowing frigid air into the room to help cool the electronics, the space had grown airless and hot.

If the shifter had malfunctioned, the Embe might have teleported into airless space, or the bottom of the ocean, or .

No airless, germless, hygienic void with methane as gas or crystallized at greater astronomical units from the sun.

Something struck his outstretched arm and, turning, he saw the loose ends of the Hyne cables writhing Medusa-like in the airless void.

But before he could confess anything, the tractor edged around the base of a lobate scarp that towered more than a mile into the airless sky.

The sky was rawly open, the universe a vast airless expanse around him.

Airless moonscape rimmed with cloud, scored with lines pointing inward toward a black dot.

For many, perhaps most, French people, life at the end of the century in the American imperium may look a bit like a typical transatlantic flight, with the airless, roomless, comfortless coach packed as tightly as possible, so that the maximum dollars can be squeezed out of every seat, with a few rich people up front.

Expect by time yous have dealt with several hundred requests for talkings from media, yous be ready leave even for dead, airless moon.

It was hot and airless in the slave pen and I shouldered my way forward eagerly when a lad with a bucket and ladle walked down the lines, dipping stale water into eagerly cupped hands.

Leslie Slote WOKE in his old Georgetown flat, put on old trousers and a tweed jacket hanging in a closet he had locked away from subtenant use, and made toast and coffee in the airless little kitchen as he had done a thousand times.

The red, blue, red, blue was unfixable now, as his airless brain went colour-blind, and though he seemed to-snatch a grip on his would-be assassin, the hold seemed to evaporate, leaving cloth, empty cloth, running through his sweating hands like silk.

And a swimming pool would be on their lawn the day after to be shared with another nice couple like them, and the children could gambol on the grassy sward unmenaced by city traffic, and they would spit right in the eye of the city apartment-house janitor after telling him they were getting out of the crowded, evil-smelling, budget-devouring, paper-walled, sticky-windowed, airless, lightless, privacyless hole in the wall forever.

She entered a room that was black as coal and unsweetened as an airless cellar.

Now he looked out at Tony Casaway, he thought about Bigfoot in his airless compartment, and he shivered.