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Airey may refer to:

  • People:
    • Carl Airey, a professional football player from Yorkshire
    • Dawn Airey, British television executive
    • Don Airey, the keyboardist in the band Deep Purple
    • Edwin Airey, a Lord Mayor of Leeds
    • George Airey Kirkpatrick, a politician from Ontario
    • Jim Airey, Australian motorcycle speedway rider
    • Paul W. Airey, an adviser to the American Secretary of the Air Force
    • Phil Airey, English footballer, Newcastle United
    • Richard Airey, 1st Baron Airey, a British Army general
    • Terence Airey, a British Army officer
    • Airey Neave (1916–79), a British politician
    • Diana Neave, Baroness Airey of Abingdon, a British life peer and the widow of Airey Neave
  • Architecture:
    • An alternative colloquial term for an area