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a. (context of a missile English) fired from an aircraft at a target on the ground


adj. operating from or designed to be fired from aircraft at targets on the ground; "air-to-surface missiles" [syn: air-to-surface] [ant: air-to-air, surface-to-air]

Usage examples of "air-to-ground".

The Skipper II laser-guided air-to-ground missile was fourteen feet long and weighed over twelve hundred pounds, and as the AGM kicked free, the Intruder bucked skyward.

The Eagle evaded fire and got off a Maverick air-to-ground missile, which streaked down to obliterate the gun-track, and then the pilot went after the next battery of howitzers.

They have targets all over the place for air-to-ground missile practice, both night and day.

It had eight new French fighter-bombers and each of these planes, moreover, was equipped with an American air-to-ground missile with a Japanese brain which could home in on radar signals, or on heat from an engine, depending on instructions from the pilot.

Marchenko himself opened the steel claws that normally held an air-to-ground missile while the mechanic fitted the bomb to the pod.

The air-to-ground attack mode on the Flighthawk’s radar gave a precise reading of cursored objects as part of the data set.

I'd hate to think what we're saying was being broadcast on the chopper's air-to-ground circuit.

Occasionally she heard the controlled murmur of the air-to-ground loop.

There was no sound at the press stand, save the barking crackle of the PA's air-to-ground loop.