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air traffic controllers

n. (air traffic controller English)

Air traffic controllers
  1. redirect Air traffic controller

Usage examples of "air traffic controllers".

All the air traffic controllers want to do is get these guys on the ground, so they clear them for landing before we can check them out.

They were currently over southern Norway, well out of range of any ground radar sites, but they still used satellite communications and GPS to call in their position to transoceanic air traffic controllers.

They, like the air traffic controllers, knew they were doing something profoundly special.

Among those watching the events unfold on television was John Carr, the president of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association.

Tower Control was not as stressful a job as that of the actual air traffic controllers sitting in a win-dowless radar room below him, but this was a close second.

As rescue workers began racing to the Pentagon, it was quickly becoming clear to air traffic controllers in Cleveland that yet another passenger jeta fourthwas in the process of being hijacked.

His life-period-would have been over as he taxied onto the main runway except that on account of the emergency declared over the entire eastern air-defense region the air traffic controllers allowed him to take off without a full verified flight plan.

We bribed enough air traffic controllers to find out that they landed at Rome.

Always flying in some God-awful airplane that was usually almost too big to come in safely, Roy From Troy neverthelesstwould circle the base and schmooz with the air traffic controllers, whotwould usually relent and let him land.

As far as American air traffic controllers were concerned, it was a successful and completely routine trip.

The two air traffic controllers watched the small craft speed down the runway.

The main bases coordinate data and send it to then- AA and SAM teams, as well as their air traffic controllers at National.

Jones was doing all the talking with the base's air traffic controllers, as Hunter was busy trying to keep the plane aloft without benefit of the broad stabilizer flaps.

He'd been able to have the air traffic controllers try to recall the American plane, but it had not come as a surprise to his visitors that it had decided not to turn.