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contraction (misspelling of ain't English)

Usage examples of "aint".

I can tell you here and now there aint nobody gets through the state line alive or dead.

And even if it was Evelyn he aint goin to give you no lunch at no seven oclock in the mornin.

I said-got killed on a horse and it never singed a hair on that horse and it killed him graveyard dead they had to cut his belt off him where it welded the buckle shut and I got a cousin aint but four years oldern me was struck down in his own yard comin from the barn and it paralyzed him all down one side and melted the fillins in his teeth and soldered his jaw shut.

There aint a week passes we dont get one or two letters tellin us about a new Jimmy Blevins this or Jimmy Blevins that.

May this pot of four half choke me, cried Costello, if she aint in the family way.

Vel, I ses, if that aint a sheeny nachez, vel, I vil get misha mishinnah.

Now and then you meet a man that aint ever been afraid, not even of himself.

Pritchel aint got any notion of selling even the clay to them, let alone the farm.

He got caught yesterday because he made a mistake, and the fellow that can walk out of that jail like he did aint going to make two mistakes within five hundred miles of Jefferson or Mississippi either.

Thay aint over stockt with branes, but thay hav brass enuff to make suffishunt kittles to bile all the sope that will be required by the ensooin sixteen ginerashuns.

You can drive north if you feel like wastin' your time, but I can tell you here and now there aint nobody gets through the state line alive or dead.

In fact, it might be a considerable comfort to Bookwright and Quick and Freeman and Eck Snopes and them other new horse-owners if that side of it could be brought to their attention, because the chances are aint none of them thought to look at it in that light yet.

Aint never heard of no artesian well around here, and my granny was born just the other side of your ranch.

The medical workers are still out on strike, and it aint exactly a ladies' coffee morning.

We aint seen hide nor hair of Paw since that other city feller was around.