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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aino \Ai"no\, n. [Said to be the native name for man.] same as Ainu.


Ainu \Ai"nu\, n. [Said to be the native name for man.] One of a peculiar race found primarily in Hokkaido, in the northern part of the empire of Japan, the Kurile Islands, and nearby. They are believed to be the native inhabitants of the Japanese islands. The Ainus are stout and short, with hairy bodies. Also called Aino and hairy Ainu.


n. (alternative form of Ainu English) (ethnic group of Japan)

Aino (mythology)

Aino is a figure in the Finnish national epic Kalevala. It relates that she was the beautiful sister of Joukahainen. Her brother, having lost a singing contest to the storied Väinämöinen, promised Aino's "hands and feet" in marriage if Väinämöinen would save him from drowning in the swamp into which Joukahainen had been thrown. Aino's mother was pleased at the idea of marrying her daughter to such a famous and well born person, but Aino did not want to marry such an old man. Rather than submit to this fate, Aino drowned herself (or ended up as a nix). However, she returned to taunt the grieving Väinämöinen as a salmon.

The name Aino, meaning "the only one", was invented by Elias Lönnrot who composed the Kalevala. In the original poems she was mentioned as "the only daughter" (aino tytti).


Aino may refer to:

  • Aino (given name), a first name in Finland and Estonia
  • Ainu people (sometimes called Aino), an ethnic group of northern Japan
  • Ainu language (also sometimes called Aino), the language of the Ainu people
  • Aino, Nagasaki, Japan, a former town, merged in 2005 into the city of Unzen
  • Mount Aino, a mountain in Japan
  • Aino Station (Hyōgo), a train station in Sanda, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan
  • Aino Station (Shizuoka), a train station in Fukuroi, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
  • Minako or Mina Aino, alter ego of Sailor Venus in the Sailor Moon franchise
  • Aino (mythology) is a figure in the Finnish national epic poem Kalevala
  • Aino (opera), a 1912 opera by Erkki Melartin based on the epic poem above
  • Sony Ericsson Aino, a telephone
  • Aino (Agency), a digital agency based in Gothenburg, Sweden
Aino (given name)

Aino is a female given name used in Finland and Estonia. The name Aino, meaning "the only one" in Finnish, was invented by Elias Lönnrot, who composed the Kalevala. In this epic poem, Aino (mythology) is a beautiful girl who drowns herself rather than marry the elderly Väinämöinen. In the original poems, she is mentioned as "the only daughter" (aino tyttö).

Aino (opera)

Aino is an opera by Erkki Melartin, composed in 1912 to a libretto by Jalmari Finne. The opera is based on the Kalevala, more specifically on the character of Aino. Its music shows the influence of Richard Wagner.

Usage examples of "aino".

For some distance, however, it runs placidly along by the sea-shore, on which big, blue, foam-crested rollers were disporting themselves noisily, and passes through several Aino hamlets, and the Aino village of Abuta, with sixty houses, rather a prosperous-looking place, where the cultivation was considerably more careful, and the people possessed a number of horses.

The slopes of this hill are covered with the Aconitum Japonicum, of which the Ainos make their arrow poison.