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Áine is an Irish goddess of summer, wealth and sovereignty. She is associated with midsummer and the sun, and is sometimes represented by a red mare. She is the daughter of Egobail, the sister of Aillen and/or Fennen, and is claimed as an ancestor by multiple Irish families. As the goddess of love and fertility, she had command over crops and animals and is also associated with agriculture.

Áine is strongly associated with County Limerick. The hill of Knockainey is named after her, and was site of rites in her honour, involving fire and the blessing of the land, recorded as recently as 1879. She is also associated with sites such as Toberanna , County Tyrone; Dunany , County Louth; Lissan , County Londonderry; and Cnoc Áine near Teelin, County Donegal.


Aine may refer to:

  • Áine, Irish goddess of summer, wealth and sovereignty
  • Áine (given name), an Irish female given name
  • Aine, Dahanu, a village in Maharashtra, India
  • Hugo Aine, French footballer
Áine (given name)

Áine (, roughly pronounced "on-yah" or "awn-yah" depending on location) is an Irish female given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Áine Brady (born 1954), Irish Fianna Fáil politician and teacher
  • Aine Lawlor (21st century), Irish radio broadcaster
  • Áine Minogue (21st century), Irish harpist
  • Áine Ní Chonaill (21st century), Irish activist
  • Áine O'Gorman (born 1989), Irish footballer
  • Áine Phillips (21st century), Irish performance artist
  • Áine Ní Murchadha, Princess of Leinster, fl. 1169
  • Áine Ní Duinn Sleibhe, Queen of Airgíalla, died 1171
  • Áine Ní Donnchada, Queen of Breifne, died 1386
  • Áine Ní Eochagain, Queen of Fermanagh, died 1466

Usage examples of "aine".

Aine, looking more robust now that she was warm and a little drier, jumped in to console her in a way that was so touching it brought a sting to my own eyes.

Five hours later, Fand was leaning thoughtfully over the starboard railing as Aine explAined to Eorna about steering.

Me, Eunem, Eorna, Fand, Aine, and Istria, sitting in a circle under that cave roof, with the shields piled in the middle, running through the plan for the last time.

Istria, Wriana, Harani and Fand were clustered around her, ready for anything, while Aine hovered solicitously over poor Mna.

Aine followed me back to the hatch, where Manaan was brandishing my little heptagonal glass bottle.

On that happy occasion of the beginning of growth that would culminate six months later with Samhain, the end of harvest, Partha mac Othna shared words, and kisses, and much more with Aine ingin Fol, merchant of Ailenn, and they snuggled and murmured their love.

Quelques jours apres, je fis une visite a Mme Planchonnet, que je trouvai assise devant un bouquet de fleurs des champs, remettant un fond a la culotte de son fils aine.

While Aine talked to Kitth and Ionn went to meet with the hunters, I wrestled with the tinderbox.

When the time was right, or at least when I thought it was right, I gathered Aine and Kitth and the boy.

She looked at Aine, who was nodding a little bashfully as Eorna praised her to Cualha.

Aine was disappointed at not being in on the denouement, but I figured my conversation with Pel would be difficult enough without having her along.

I snuck back to the library, where I put out the lamp Rince had lit and tucked Aine, Taric and Crann into a corner out of sight of the doorway.

Aislinn suspected that Aine knew that she was still carrying the babies, but when Aine surprised Aislinn at her surreptitious daily sponge bath and saw her swabbing at the ugly red streak at the top of her thigh, she w-as certain.

Aine had unbundled hers and held it awkwardly, her nervousness suddenly coming back to her.

With my back to the parapet, I looked at the two of them--both reading me now, but Cera considerably more puzzled than Aine.