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n. (surname: from=given names)


Aikin is an English surname, and may apply to:

  • John Aikin (Unitarian) (1713–1780), English Unitarian scholar and theological tutor, closely associated with Warrington Academy, father of Anna and John
    • Anna Aikin (1743–1825), better known as Anna Laetitia Barbauld, a woman of letters who published in many genres
    • John Aikin (1747–1822), British physician, father of Arthur and Lucy
      • Lucy Aikin (1781–1864), British writer, particularly of history
      • Arthur Aikin (1773–1854), English chemist, mineralogist and scientific writer
  • Jesse B. Aikin (1808–1900), American musician
  • Laura Aikin, American soprano

Usage examples of "aikin".

Jim Aikin, which appeared in our November 1984 issue, and which some readers objected to strenuously.