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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aglet \Ag"let\ ([a^]g"l[e^]t), Aiglet \Aig"let\ ([=a]g"l[e^]t), n. [F. aiguillette point, tagged point, dim. of aiguilee needle, fr. LL. acucula for acicula, dim. of L. acus needle, pin; cf. OF. agleter to hook on. See Acute, and cf. Aiguillette.]

  1. A tag of a lace or of the points, braids, or cords formerly used in dress. They were sometimes formed into small images. Hence, ``aglet baby'' (
    --Shak.), an aglet image.

  2. (Haberdashery) A round white staylace.


Aiglet \Aig"let\, n. Same as Aglet.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"metal tag of a lace," meant to make it easier to thread through the eyelet-holes, but later merely ornamental, mid-15c., from Middle French aiguillette, diminutive of aiguille "needle," from Late Latin acucula, itself a diminutive of Latin acus "needle" (see acuity). Compare Italian agucchia, Portuguese agulha, Spanish aguja "needle."


n. 1 A tip, originally of metal and often decorative, on a ribbon or cord that makes lacing two parts of a garment or garments together easier, as in corset lacings, "points" (lacing hose or trousers to jacket or doublet) or sleeves to a bodice. 2 An ornament worn on clothing, consisting of a metal tag on a fringe, or a small metallic plate or spangle.

  1. n. metal or plastic sheath over the end of a shoelace or ribbon [syn: aglet]

  2. ornamental tagged cord or braid on the shoulder of a uniform [syn: aglet, aiguilette]

Usage examples of "aiglet".

Keir grabbed the aiglets and held them tight until they fleshed out into hands once again.

I shall take leave to say that to throw away a new doublet of murry taffeta and a pair of stocks broidered with gold quirks about the ankles, not to make mention of a set of silver aiglets and a pair of trunk hose scarce worn, passeth the bounds of prodigality.

Keir grabbed the aiglets and held them tight until they fleshed out into hands once again.