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Aigars is a Latvian masculine given name and may refer to:

  • Aigars Apinis (born 1973) Latvian decathlete and Paralympic medalist
  • Aigars Buga (born 1992), Latvian kickboxer
  • Aigars Cipruss (born 1972) Latvian ice hockey player
  • Aigars Fadejevs (born 1975) Latvian track and field athlete and Olympic medalist
  • Aigars Kalvītis (born 1966), Latvian politician, former Prime Minister of Latvia
  • Aigars Kriķis (1954–1999), Latvian luger and Olympic medalist
  • Aigars Nerips (born 1967), Latvian basketball coach
  • Aigars Prūsis (born 1976), Latvian nationalist politician
  • Aigars Šķēle (born 1992), Latvian basketball player
  • Aigars Štokenbergs (born 1963) Latvian politician
  • Aigars Vītols (born 1976) Latvian basketball player