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Aiga may refer to:

  • AIGA, an American professional organization
  • Aiga (name), a personal name
  • 'aiga, the Samoan language word for "family"
Aiga (name)

Aiga is a Latvian language feminine given name, the most popular such name descended from Livonian language origins. Several names have descended from Aiga, among them being Aigis, Aigija, Aigins, Aigisa, and Aigita. The first recorded use of this name was in 1940 in Riga. The use of the name peaked in the 1970s and has declined since then.

Among the notable people who share this name are:

  • Aiga Grabuste (b. 1988), a Latvian athlete
  • Aiga Zagorska (b. 1970), a retired Latvian athlete

Usage examples of "aiga".

Taurus, with the full Moon, then entered into the cone of shadow, and under him was the Celestial River, most properly called the Nile, and below, Perseus, the God of Chemmis, and Auriga, leading a she-goat, himself identical with Pan, whose wife Aiga the she-goat was styled.