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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aiel \Ai"el\, n. See Ayle. [Obs.]


n. (context obsolete English) A grandfather.

Usage examples of "aiel".

He did not point out that Aiel sent to help the Dragonsworn were more likely to have appeared in Arad Doman itself.

Aiel Maidens of the Spear, leader of the Maidens this side of the Spine of the World, pulled a gold Tar Valon mark from her belt pouch, tossed it with a grimace that drew at the nasty scar on the side of her face.

He knew about Aiel, and he did not need an unbarbered woodsman to tell him how to put his boots on.

Aiel women stopped ten paces upslope from the gathering around the Portal Stone and the grandmotherly woman spread her open hands, speaking in an aged yet powerful voice.

He had rescued her twice more, now, breaking her out of an iron cage once, much like the one that had held the Aiel in Remen, and once breaking open a steel chest with a falcon worked on its side.

It was no use telling himself the adults would certainly have told him to go on about his business, that he was a stranger in Remen and the Aiel was none of his concern.

The Sharans deny that the Trolloc Wars touched them, despite Aiel statements to the contrary.

She had not accepted a ride once, which he had not expected anyway, seeing how Aiel felt about riding, but she had made no trouble either, unless sharpening her knife every time they halted could be considered provocative.

There was a murmur among the Aiel, but when she glanced back they were striding along with no expression whatsoever.

Aiel women kept to themselves, Bain and Chiad striding along on either side of Swallow when one or the other was not ranging ahead.

The Aiel were no simple fools to hand over a gold saltcellar, say, for a bolt of cloth.

Several sets of Aiel garb hung in another of the wardrobes, but Tylin had given her chests of finely cut silks and woolens before they left Ebou Dar, enough to fill nearly a quarter of the carved cabinets.

With the Power in him, Rand smelled cool sweetberry tea and warm bread, butter and honey, the hot porridge Aiel ate mornings, all as if his nose were in the tray.

Few outsiders venture there, not only because water is almost impossible to find for one not born there, but because the Aiel consider themselves at war with all other peoples and do not welcome strangers.

At last a people would come to him without fighting every step of the way, or splitting apart like the Aiel.