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Usage examples of "aiee".

The Lady Aiee was already seated at the table on the terrace above the garden when they joined her.

Before them was a flight of stairs up which the Lady Aiee led them, Ray falling in a step or two behind at her left, as Cho walked to her right.

The Lady Aiee struck the gong twice, and before the murmuring echoes had died away, a voice from beyond the curtain spoke.

Instead of the brilliant silks Ray had seen before, three of them wore long white robes, such as he had seen on the Lady Aiee the night before, the cowls thrown back as capes.

The Lady Aiee put forth a finger and stroked the head of the serpent before she spoke.

THOUGH life in the courtyard of the Lady Aiee might have luxurious outer trappings, it was not, Ray discovered, an idle one for any of them.

Still-the Lady Aiee had warned him-he might already have been tested as a tool-by the other side.

The Lady Aiee sounded shaken, uncertain, as Ray had never heard her before.

But he noted after a while that the Lady Aiee scarcely touched the contents of the dishes offered her.