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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1982, acronym formed from acquired immune deficiency syndrome. AIDS cocktail attested by 1997, the thing itself said to have been in use from 1995.


n. (plural of aid English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: aid)

AIDS (computer virus)

AIDS is a computer virus written in Turbo Pascal 3.01a which overwrites COM files. AIDS is the first virus known to exploit the MS-DOS "corresponding file" vulnerability. In MS-DOS, if both [[foo]].com and foo.[[EXE|exe]] exist, then will always be executed first. Thus, by creating infected com files, AIDS code will always be executed before the intended exe code.

When the AIDS virus activates, it displays the following screen.

ATTENTION I have been elected to inform you that throughout your process of collecting and executing files, you have accdientally ¶HÜ¢KΣ► [PHUCKED] yourself over: again, that's PHUCKED yourself over. No, it cannot be; YES, it CAN be, a √ìτûs [virus] has infected your system. Now what do you have to say about that? HAHAHAHAHA. Have ¶HÜÑ [PHUN] with this one and remember, there is NO cure for AIDS

In the message above, the word "AIDS" covers about half of the screen. The system is then halted, and must be powered down and rebooted to restart it.

The AIDS virus overwrites the first 13,952 bytes of an infected com file. Overwritten files must be deleted and replaced with clean copies in order to remove the virus. It is not possible to recover the overwritten portion of the program.

The AIDS II virus appears a more elegant revision of AIDS . AIDS II also employs the corresponding file technique to execute infected code.

AIDS (Trojan horse)

AIDS, also known as Aids Info Disk or PC Cyborg Trojan, is a trojan horse that replaces the AUTOEXEC.BAT file, which would then be used by AIDS to count the number of times the computer has booted. Once this boot count reaches 90, AIDS hides directories and encrypts the names of all files on drive C: (rendering the system unusable), at which time the user is asked to 'renew the license' and contact PC Cyborg Corporation for payment (which would involve sending 189 US$ to a post office box in Panama). There exists more than one version of AIDS, and at least one version does not wait to munge drive C:, but will hide directories and encrypt file names upon the first boot after AIDS is installed. The AIDS software also presented to the user an end user license agreement, some of which read:

If you install [this] on a microcomputer... then under terms of this license you agree to pay PC Cyborg Corporation in full for the cost of leasing these programs... In the case of your breach of this license agreement, PC Cyborg reserves the right to take legal action necessary to recover any outstanding debts payable to PC Cyborg Corporation and to use program mechanisms to ensure termination of your use... These program mechanisms will adversely affect other program applications... You are hereby advised of the most serious consequences of your failure to abide by the terms of this license agreement; your conscience may haunt you for the rest of your life... and your [PC] will stop functioning normally... You are strictly prohibited from sharing [this product] with others...

AIDS is considered to be an early example of a class of malware known as " ransomware".

AIDS (journal)

AIDS is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that is published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins ( London, United Kingdom). It was established in 1987 and is the official journal of the International AIDS Society. It covers all aspects of HIV and AIDS, including basic science, clinical trials, epidemiology, and social science. The editor in chief is Jay A. Levy. Eighteen issues are published annually.

AIDS (aeronautics)

AIDS (Aircraft Integrated Data System) is an aircraft system that allows the airline to record and/or monitor all available parameters which are on the aircraft buses. Some Aircraft like the Airbus A320 have an AIDS print button which, when programmed over the MCDU, allows paper data reports, DAR recordings, or ACARS transmissions of a select amount of parameters to be printed.

Aids (film)

Aids is a 1987 Indian Malayalam film, directed by VP Mohammed. The film stars Prathapachandran, MG Soman and Gomathi in lead roles.

AIDS (disambiguation)

AIDS or Aids and may refer to:

  • HIV/AIDS, the disease Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
  • Riding aids, the cues given by riders to their horses
  • AIDS (aeronautics), an aviation system
  • Astro Investigation and Defence Service (AIDS), from the Peter Jackson film Bad Taste
  • Ayds, a dietary drug
  • AIDS (computer virus), a computer virus
  • AIDS (journal)
  • AIDS (Trojan horse)
  • HIV, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus
  • A.i.d.S. (Alles ist die Sekte), a German rap duo
  • Almost ideal demand system, a consumer demand model in industrial organization
  • Aids (film), a 1987 Malayalam film

Usage examples of "aids".

It was shown in the last chapter that the stolons or runners of certain plants circumnutate largely, and that this movement apparently aids them in finding a passage between the crowded stems of adjoining plants.

In the midst of the battle, these troops having moved towards the enemy, as if intending to make an attack, turned suddenly around, and opened a heavy fire of artillery and musketry on the columns by the aids of which they had a few moments before been fighting.

The old slow transports, not designed for such conditions, flew without aids to navigation or arms against Japanese pursuit.

The failure of Impeachment, though fatal to his success, did not dissipate the support which his long services and marked fidelity had commanded, without any of the adventitious aids of power.

The calling in of aids, which are real fetes of labour, is known to be quite habitual in Westphalia, Hesse, and Nassau.

On consulting notes taken at random in the literature of Africa, I find them replete with similar facts--of aids convoked to take in the crops, of houses built by all inhabitants of the village-- sometimes to repair the havoc done by civilized filibusters-- of people aiding each other in case of accident, protecting the traveller, and so on.

Yet I find I prefer knowing that I will make my way unencumbered by sorcerous aids or obstacles.

Of course when the wall yields and the breach has to be defended the warehouses will be held, and as the windows will command the breach they will be great aids to us then, and it would be a great disadvantage to us if the Spaniards now were to throw shells and fireballs into these houses, and so to destroy them before they make their attack.

It should also quicken the exertions of so benevolent and generous a young spirit, to know that in serving his country, he also aids the cause of humanity.

Tom interrupted to remark that Wings Dedham had a considerable reputation in experimental radio and electrical aids to flying.

So much had happened that the two aids had forgotten to mention the sheet sign that had warned them not to mix in the headless deaths.

It was not his custom to unnecessarily leave his aids to battle against foes of unestimated force.

When Doc Savage had fallen to the street, his two aids raced to his unconscious body.

They were part of the elaborate system to warn Doc and his aids against any surprise attack.

Had it been Doc or one of his aids using the elevator, they would have pressed a hidden button in the sub-basement level.