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n. (context entomology English) Any member of the family (taxlink Aididae family noshow=1).

Usage examples of "aidid".

He sent two dozen of his Mujahedeen into Somalia to help Mohammed Aidid drive out the Americans-their Rangers killed nearly ten thousand Somalis.

Mohammed Farrah Aidid never commits another atrocity and that he becomes an example to the entire world of what happens to those who kill Americans and UN peacekeepers.

Our intel guys say that Aidid is getting a big boost from a Saudi exile named Osama bin Laden.

It was a stronghold for Mohammed Farrah Aidid and his Habr Gidr clan, and the place where he recruited thousands of young fighters for his so-called Somali National Alliance.

Even though the White House sent the D-boys and Rangers in to get Aidid, they are now saying that the UN needs to find a political solution!

I can make sure that Aidid is caught and made an example to others, Dr.

But the man who killed your brother, General Mohammed Farrah Aidid, is on it.

As I said before, that includes people like Aidid, who so brutally murdered your brother.

Now, with this new scenario, Aidid would simply perish in a ball of fire from the warhead of a high-tech machine-a robot programmed to kill.

Their Christmas and New Year holidays-and most of the preceding month-had been devoted to little else but planning the mission to go after Mohammed Farrah Aidid in Somalia.

ISET B had been tagged as the primary team to carry out the mission of capturing or killing Aidid in Somalia.

I know is that last Saturday, the National Security Advisor called me in and said that he had intel that Aidid was going to be at some big terrorist summit in Iraq on March 6.

The upside is that if we succeed, we get Saddam, Aidid, and a whole bunch of black hats all at once.

Had they gone after Aidid in Somalia as originally planned, the all-black Team Bravo would have carried out the hit.

I want to get Aidid for killing my brother, and bin Laden, for helping him do it.