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n. (given name male from=Irish) , a spelling variant of Aidan. and can also be a female but is very rare


Aiden was an American punk rock band from Seattle, Washington that formed in the spring of 2003. They achieved mainstream success during the mid to late 2000s with their classic lineup, featuring vocalist William Francis, guitarists Angel Ibarra and Jake Wambold, bassist Nick Wiggins, and drummer Jake Davison. Aiden's final lineup featured Francis, guitarist Ian MacWilliams, bassist Kenneth Fletcher, and drummer Ben Tourkantonis.

Usage examples of "aiden".

General Aiden Cornwall and his nine-year-old son still lay on their backs in the upstairs hallway It was a cold, calculated, very professional killing.

Also, from what I understand, Aiden Cornwall was a conservative, not a liberal like the other victims.

He was cuter than Aiden Sean any day, although Aiden had that dangerous edge she hankered after.