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Ahom may refer to:

  • Ahom people, an ethnic community in Assam
  • Ahom language, a language associated with the Ahom people
  • Ahom alphabet, a script used to write the Ahom language
  • Ahom kingdom, a medieval kingdom in the Brahmaputra valley in Assam
  • Ahom Dynasty, the dynasty that reigned over the Ahom kingdom
Ahom (Unicode block)

Ahom is a Unicode block containing characters used for writing the Ahom alphabet, which was used to write the Ahom language spoken by the Ahom people in Assam between the 13th and the 18th centuries.

Usage examples of "ahom".

The district takes name from its former rulers of the Kachari tribe, of whom the first to settle here did so early in the 18th century, after being driven out of the Assam valley in 1536, and from the North Cachar Hills in 1706, by the Ahoms.