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Could not find any definition of word "aholt"

Usage examples of "aholt".

Because it wont be there long, once old Sandra gets aholt of it again.

Choosing various hexagrams, he rigorously applied his newfound ability to imposing them on other imagined forms: a subway entrance, for example, himself standing above, not seeing down into it, but then little by little finding himself able to move from one imagined point to another, to the steps, down them, to the change booth, purchasing tokens, clanking through the turnstile, noting the people waiting, glimpsing newspaper headlines: secretary of state returns to Mideast FOR TALKS, catching fragments of conversation: "An' I says to her, look, I says, you gotta get aholt a yaself," hearing the cry of the train as it slid into the station, the doors opening, and himself getting on, being carried away into darkness.

Why bimeby, you got aholt of each and ever one of us and mommucked up our mouths so you could get mor'n you was supposed to from the gov'ment!