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prep. (eye dialect of on English)


Ahn or AHN may refer to

  • Ahn, Luxembourg, a small town in southeastern Luxembourg
  • All Headline News, a News agency
  • Allegheny Health Network, a healthcare provider
  • Ashton-under-Lyne railway station, United Kingdom (National Rail code)
  • Athens-Ben Epps Airport serving Athens-Clarke County, Georgia, USA (IATA airport code)
  • Asian Highway Network
  • Austro-Hungarian Navy
Ahn (Korean surname)

Ahn, also romanized An, is a Korean family name. Its literal meaning is "tranquility," from the Hanja character 安. In 2000, there were 637,786 people bearing this surname in South Korea 1, making it the 20th most common family name in the country, with roughly 2% of the country's population. North Korea does not release figures for surnames, but the percentage is expected to be similar.

The surname is also used in China.

Usage examples of "ahn".

At his shoulder, over a foot shorter than he, was a striking Vietnamese woman with long straight hair, dressed in tight black slacks and a matching tunic: Phuong Ahn Nguyen.

Spock moved in and whipped the ahn woon around his legs, bringing him down again.