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n. 1 (given name male from=Arabic), variant of Ahmed. 2 (surname from=Arabic dot=) of Arabic origin.


Ahmad, 'Ahmed or Ahmet' are the principal transliterations of an Arabic given name, .

Ahmad (rapper)

Ahmad Ali Lewis (born October 12, 1975), simply known asAhmad (often stylized AHMAD), is an American hip hop recording artist, songwriter, motivational speaker and author from Los Angeles, California. He is perhaps best known for the 1994 single " Back in the Day," a nostalgic song that became a fixture for nostalgia in hip-hop culture. Ahmad is also a former member and founder of the hip-hop fusion band 4th Avenue Jones.

Ahmad (crater)

Ahmad is a crater in the northern hemisphere of Saturn's moon Enceladus. Ahmad was first discovered in Voyager 2 images but was seen at much higher resolution, though near the terminator, by Cassini. It is located at 58.8° North Latitude, 311.6° West Longitude and is 18.7 kilometers across. The western portion of the crater is largely absent, either buried or disrupted by the eastern margin of Samarkand Sulci. A large, dome-like structure occupies the interior of the crater, caused by infill of material from Samarkand Sulci or from viscous relaxation.

Ahmad is named after a hero from Arabian Nights. He brings his father an apple and marries Peri-Banu.

Ahmad (Kanem-Bornu king)

Ahmad Alimi was the head of the kingdom of Bornu during the late eighteenth century and early nineteenth century. During the later part of his reign, the Fula people within his kingdom followed the call of rebellion and Jihad being led in the west by Uthman Dan Fodio. Alimi was perplexed by the uprising since Bornu was already an Islamic empire. He started a futile correspondence with Muhammed Bello and Uthman before finally leaving the throne to his son in 1808. By then he was fragile and blind. He died a few months later.

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Ahmad (album)

Ahmad is the self-titled debut album by Ahmad. It was released in May 24, 1994 by Giant/ Reprise

Ahmad (disambiguation)

Ahmad and Ahmed are common Arabic male names.

Ahmad or Ahmed may also refer to:

Usage examples of "ahmad".

But, unless some accident of light and shade had deceived me, the man who had waited was Ahmad Ahmadeen!

He is called Ahmad ibn Wahzi and his chests contain a full set of instruments, medicants, and other necessaries.

When we find your puppet Ahmad Chalabi, he will be tried and executed for treason.

During their trial in 2000, a former Iranian intelligence official, Ahmad Behbahani, told 60 Minutes that Iran had sponsored the attack.

Only one picture hung on the walls, a small black-and-white photograph of Ahmad Jamal sitting at his piano, looking out at the viewer from a narrow black wooden frame.

The chicken's usually quite tasty, I get it from a retired belly dancer up the street whom Ahmad knows from another era.

It was a comparatively new sect -- contemporaneous with Christian Science or the Jehovah's Witnesses -- founded by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in the Punjab.

It was a comparatively new sect--contemporaneous with Christian Science or the Jehovah's Witnesses--founded by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in the Punjab.

I just think that if we had more sea room, we would have a little more reaction time if and when Ahmad the Awful cranks up his Cessna or speedboat and comes roaring out to sink us.

And the reason Ahmad couldn't accept these underground truths, refusing even to acknowledge their existence beneath the shifting sands of Egypt, was because he wanted so desperately to believe the founding of a dragomen's benevolent society in Cairo had been the most dramatic event of the nineteenth century, and therefore the most significant cause that anyone could have taken part in then.

It's like the improvisation you see with a good jazz group, Ahmad Jamal doing a piano solo, going off on his own, catching up with his rhythm section later.