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AHL or Ahl may refer to:

  • Ahl (surname)
  • Action Half-Life, modification for Half-Life 1.0
  • Ahlon language
  • Atatürk International Airport - Istanbul, Turkey
  • Associated Humber Lines, an English shipping company
  • N-Acyl homoserine lactone
  • Automatic headlamp leveling
Ahl (surname)

Ahl is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • David H. Ahl (born 1939), American writer
  • Ernst Ahl (1898–1945), German zoologist
  • Frederick Ahl (born 1941), American academic and classical scholar
  • John Alexander Ahl (1813–1882), American railroad executive and politician

Usage examples of "ahl".

At first, as might be expected, Ahl kept herself aloof, though she was a hard worker and eager to learn.

Ki and Ahl stayed on board, Ahl because she was not kin to anyone in the town, Ki out of courtesy and affection.

They parted, Ahl going up a gangway onto one of the ocean-flyers that Helwar had built for Sorg.

He groaned softly, released the foot -- the tsin put it down gingerly --looked up and greeted Ahl in a courteous, despondent tone.

But the man in the courtyard had been middle-aged, while this fellow was barely more than an boy, slender and graceful, though not --it was obvious to Ahl -- entirely sober at the moment.

In addition, Ahl had heard of families who used infanticide to control the number of males and females in each generation.

The next day Ahl took her questions to the marsh witch and found Leweli visiting.

Even the dappling seemed lovely to Ahl, since it reminded her of the Helwar and Ki.

She looked, Ahl thought, like a sul cub: newborn, soft and round, still covered with down.

Leweli spread her bedroll on the floor, but Ahl -- a sailor -- hung up one of the hammocks, fastening it to iron hooks in the cabin walls.

If they were making any noise, Ahl was not able to hear it over the sound of water rushing, the creak and groan of wood.

The place made Ahl uneasy, though the harbor water was still and clear, the sky bright and almost cloudless.

Was he simply being cautious, or did he feel -- as Ahl did -- that the island brooded and held secrets?

They fastened the birds to it by their bright blue feet and carried them back this way, Cholkwa at one end of the stick, Ahl at the other.

Leweli went with Ahl and the actors, though she looked unhappy and began complaining as soon as they were in the forest.