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adv. (context UK dialectal English) behind prep. (context UK dialectal English) behind

Usage examples of "ahint".

Wad he hae my pet gang traivellin the warl' upo thae twa bonny wee legs o' his ain, wantin the wings he left ahint him?

Whan I see a man that but minds me o' _Him_, my hert rises wi' a loup, as gien it wad 'maist lea' my body ahint it.

An' it still be room enough and tae spare in that meadow where we buried a' that were left o' the last rievers as rid doon here ahint Sir David Scott.

It's no canny to run frae London to the Black Sea wi' a wind ahint ye, as though the Deil himself were blawin' on yer sail for his ain purpose.

I canna depone to having ever seen ane mysell, but, I ance heard ane whistle ahint me in the moss, as like a whaup [Curlew] as ae thing could be like anither.