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n. the yellowfin tuna


Ahi or AHI may refer to:

  • AHI (Amiga), an audio standard
  • Ahi (Hinduism), an epithet of Vritra
  • Ahi (political party), a political party in Israel
  • Ahi language, or Axi, a Loloish language of China
  • Apnea-hypopnea index of sleep apnea severity
  • Asian Heart Institute, a hospital in Mumbai, India
  • Bigeye tuna, one of two fish called ahi in Hawaiian
  • Tiagba language (ISO 639: ahi), a Kru language of Ivory Coast
  • Yellowfin tuna, commonly referred to as ahi tuna, from its Hawaiian name
Ahi (political party)

Ahi (, lit. My Brother, an acronym for Eretz Hevra Yahadut , lit. Land, Society, Judaism) was a right-wing nationalist religious Zionist political party in Israel. Founded in 2005, it was part of the National Union alliance between 2006 and 2008. For the 2009 elections it ran a joint list with Likud.

AHI (Amiga)

AHI (AHI audio system) is a retargetable audio subsystem for AmigaOS, MorphOS and AROS. It was created by Martin Blom in the mid-1990s to allow standardized operating system support for audio hardware other than just the native Amiga sound chip, for example 16-bit sound cards.

AHI offers improved functionality not available through the AmigaOS audio device driver, such as seamless audio playback from a user selected audio device (in applications which supported AHI), standardized functionality for audio recording and efficient software mixing routines for combining multiple sound channels thus overcoming the four channel hardware limit of the original Amiga chipset. It also incorporated a unique mode that produced 14-bit playback using the Amiga chipset by combining two 8-bit channels set at different volumes. The first official release of AHI was in 1996. AHI became a widely supported standard for audio hardware and audio software on Amiga systems and was officially included in later operating system releases.

The author has stated that when referring to this software the correct term is 'AHI audio system' or just 'AHI' and not 'Audio Hardware Interface'.

Usage examples of "ahi".

Captain Steve was convinced that we might hook a marlin or at least a big ahi at any moment, and he wanted to be at the controls when it happened.

LA and New York, as well as Tokyo -- and in the weeks before Christmas when demand is running high, the dockside price for a big ahi in Kona can run up to five and sometimes ten dollars a pound.

Por ahi yo recorro, y la unica prueba que vale es atravesar todo su largo.

Eating great food, tropical shrimp ceviche, rare ahi tuna, butternut squash enchiladas.