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Ahed was a Canadian company owned by Phil G. Anderson that produced guitar amplifiers, as well as guitars. Its main product line was the GBX amplifier, which could reach 180 watts with 4x10", 4x12" or 2x15" speakers. The GBX amplifier had a pre-amplifier that could change the gain, brilliance, depth, contour and response of the output.

Ahed Music Corporation, Ltd., established in 1969, changed its name in 1978 to Ahed Corporation, then became Eco Corporation.

In 1979, The Vannelli Brothers were using a GBX amplifier to mix their keyboards. Ahed Music Corporation also had their GBX amplification products endorsed by the popular 70's rock/jazz fusion group Lighthouse. A poster advertising GBX that was distributed in 1973-74 read: "LIGHTHOUSE, A super group for many years. Their equipment requirements: versatility, reliability, portability and serviceability - they found all of these in GBX. The equipment that takes over when other amps quit. GBX"