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n. (initialism of American heritage Heritage dictionary Dictionary English)


AHD or Ahd may refer to:

  • Acoustic Hailing Device, an audio device capable of providing high acoustic output at significant distance
  • Anthony Henday Drive, an expressway in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Audio High Density, an audio-only version of the Video High Density videodisc format
  • Australian Height Datum, a geodetic datum for altitude measurement in Australia
  • National Rail Station Code AHD: Ashtead railway station, Ashtead, Surrey, England, United Kingdom

Usage examples of "ahd".

The building still smoked, showing where the fires had been, and now it filled with cheering British, intent on loot, and Sharpe stopped at the glacis lip ahd looked behind him.

She looked to the beams with a blank marble stare while, next to her, grandmothers waited patiently to bring their entreaties to Ahd Maewelin, the Winter Hag, an ancient slab of oak bearing a primitive image with sharp, quelling features.