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Ahau may refer to:

  • Ajaw, a political rulership title from the Maya civilization.
  • Ahau, Fiji, the government station of Rotuma, a Fijian Dependency.
  • Ahau, Tonga, a town in the region of Tongatapu, some 10 mi (or 16 km) west of Nuku'alofa, the country's capital city.
  • Kinich Ahau, the 16th-century Yucatec name of the Maya sun god.

Usage examples of "ahau".

In the thirteenth ahau katun those called the Maya men founded the city Mayapan.

As Pech has already told us that it was also the first year of the 9th Ahau Katun, we have the date fixed in both methods of reckoning, that is, by the Kin Katun as well as the Ahau Katun, according to the calendar which his family used.

The writer begins with the 12th ahau, although nothing is noted until the 6th.

It was the eleventh ahau katun in which it ended with those called Mayas.

In other words, the first arrival of the Spaniards at Merida took place at the close of the 11th Ahau Katun.

Counting ten days more we reach 11 Ahau, the last day of the line given above.

Kan column, as we find that 4 Ahau, the first day of the series, is the seventeenth day of the year 1 Kan.

Between 1 Muluc and 1 Ymix they are 12 Ahau, 5 Cimi, 1 Men, 5 Cauac, 12 Cimi, and 8 Men.

The interval between 7 Ik and 7 Lamat, 7 Lamat and 7 Ix, and between 7 Ix and 7 Ahau is, in each case, 26 days.

The interval between 7 Ahau, last day of the left hand column, and 7 Cimi, the first day of the right hand column, is also 26 days.

The symbols, except that for Cauac, are too plain to admit of doubt, and there is no difficulty in reference to Cauac, the question of doubt being with regard to the Ahau, which is partially surrounded by other characters and may, apparently, be as correctly considered a part of the hieroglyphic inscription as of the day column.

From this fact we may reasonably infer that Ahau does not belong to the column.

The interval between 5 Kan and 7 Ahau is 11 months, 16 days, which, added to the preceding, gives 2 years, 5 months, 0 day, agreeing with the figures under 7 Ahau, if the symbol represented by 0 signifies nought.

The symbol in this case is that of Been, but this is a manifest error, as Ahau follows Cauac.

Akbal and 13 Ahau, in the first two columns given above is the same as that between 4 Ik and 12 Cauac, and also as that between 6 Kan and 1 Ymix.