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n. (initialism of association Association of home Home appliance Appliance manufacturer Manufacturers English)


Aham is a municipality in the district of Landshut in Bavaria in Germany.

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Aham (Kashmir Shaivism)

Aham, a concept of Kashmir Shaivism, is defined as the supreme heart , transcendent Self, supreme I awareness or infinite consciousness. The space of Aham is where khecarī mudrā (free movement in the space of the heart) is realised. Khecarī mudrā is considered the supreme state of spiritual evolution.

Aham (film)

Aham is 1992 Malayalam film directed by Rajeevnath, starring Mohanlal, Urvasi and Ramya Krishna in the lead roles.

Usage examples of "aham".

That inky Dark—gulf between aham and Asti—blackest Styx, abyss between Lord and Man.

That inky Dark-- gulf between aham and Asti--blackest Styx, abyss between Lord and Man.

That inky Dark–gulf between aham and Asti–blackest Styx, abyss between Lord and Man.