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n. (abbreviation of Aguascalientes English), a state of Mexico.


Agu is an Igbo surname; the word Agu means Tiger in Igobo language. Agu is also an unrelated surname found in Jammu and Kashmir state of India.

Here are some people that use the name Agu.

  • Agu Casmir (born 1984), Nigerian professional soccer player
  • Alloysius Agu (born 1967), Nigerian former football goalkeeper
  • Chiwetalu Agu (born 1956), Nigerian film actor and producer
  • Donald Agu (born 1975), Nigerian former footballer
  • Festus Agu (born 1975), Nigerian former footballer
  • Francis Agu (1965-2007), Nigerian actor
  • Mikel Agu (born 1993), Nigerian footballer

Usage examples of "agu".

I had been badly sunburned and my mother had coated me entirely with agu jelly.

The pungent agu kept most infection at bay, but left a reek that lingered in my bedchamber for weeks afterward.

And if it do, I dar wel leye a grote That ye shul have a fevere terciane, Or an agu that may be youre bane.