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n. (alternative form of Aeta English)

Agta (disambiguation)

Agta may refer to:

  • Agta language of the Philippine island of Luzon
  • Agta people, of the Philippines
  • Kapre, of the Philippines
  • Balay sa Agta (House of the Agta), a cave and tourist attraction in the southeastern town of Argao, Cebu, Philippines
Agta (mythical creature)

An agta is a tall mythical creature with skin as black as charcoal, found in Philippine mythology. These creatures reside in different trees, most commonly Santo or Balete trees. They are known to climb down from their perches and roam around the land warning fishermen to stay on land instead of fishing. Then, the agta will push trees down so that the timbers will prevent the fishermen from going to the sea to fish. The agta is just like the kapre, who likes staying in its tree while smoking a rolled cigar. They are usually depicted as naked.