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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Agre \A*gre"\, Agree \A*gree"\, adv. [F. [`a] gr['e]. See Agree.] In good part; kindly. [Obs.]
--Rom. of R.

Usage examples of "agre".

Professor Agrest, a Russian physicist, also maintains that a strange rock platform in Lebanon, whose origin and original purpose have baffled archeologists and geologists for several years, was constructed by aliens as a launching pad.

Perhaps Professor Agrest would regard it as another launching platform for nuclear rockets.

Requeste made by my lorde cardynalles grace for appreste or aloone of more money to the kynges grace, they can in no wise agre thereto, but they ar and wilbe well contendid to be examyned uppon their othes yf it shall please his grace so to do.

Agrest were not about to accept such mundane explanations for the vitrification of Baalbek, however.