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n. (initialism of accelerated graphics port English)

AGP (disambiguation)

AGP often refers to the Accelerated Graphics Port, a high-speed point-to-point channel for attaching a graphics card to a computer's motherboard.

AGP may also refer to:

  • A. George Pradel, mayor of Naperville, Illinois
  • Aces Go Places, a 1982 film
  • Agence Guinéenne de Presse
  • Alejandro García Padilla, Puerto Rican politician
  • Ambulatory Glucose Profile
  • Angry Grandpa (born 1950), American Internet personality
  • Antimicrobial Growth Promoters, antimicrobial agents used to improve mast success in livestock
  • Arasan Ganesan Polytechnic
  • Asom Gana Parishad, a political party of Assam
  • Associação Guias de Portugal, the national Guiding association of Portugal
  • Australian Grand Prix
  • Autogynephilia, sexual arousal by the thought or image of oneself as a woman
  • Guinean Press Agency (French: )
  • Málaga Airport in Málaga, Spain
  • Motor torpedo boat tender in the United States Navy hull classification system
  • Orosomucoid, or alpha-1 acid glycoprotein
  • Paranan language

Usage examples of "agp".

The agp, now attached as additional protection for the boyntonchonderlee compound, took the plant away for forensic analysis.