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adv. (alternative spelling of agley English)

Usage examples of "aglee".

Then, before the arrival of the first fleet and the nervous confrontation of two separate races, it was only Rei and Miaree and the flood of well-being which his kiss engendered in her and the pleasure of shared knowledge and intimacies and endless days of talk as they sat, or lay, or walked in the Bloom and then, with Mother Aglee becoming querulous in demanding a report, the lovely flight from Outworld to New World and the pride she felt in Rei when he mastered the techniques of flying so easily.

As assistant to the Charge Advisor in the government of Mother Aglee, she had appeared before the Planetary Legislature to testify on the negative results of the work of government scientists.

She had been complimented by Mother Aglee herself on the clarity of her report on the ill-fated expedition to the sunside of First Planet.

Mother Aglee, younger than Jonea, but showing tired lines around her mobile lips, rested her chin in her hand.

Miaree rose, accepted the packet, looked at Mother Aglee questioningly.

Appointed by Mother Aglee as Overlady of Five, charged with coordinating the peaceful integration of the aliens into the life of the planet, she sought out Bertt, explained all to him, asked respectfully for his assistance.

Even Mother Aglee took a Delanian lover, and keened sweetly of his love.

Mother Aglee kissed her lover one final time and boarded a ship for the last flight.

Mother Aglee sought her iffling, Mother Miaree, wearing the robes of the first lady of all the Artonuee, entered a large conference room to be briefed on the state of the system.

It was decided by the Interplanetary Council, at the urging of Mother Aglee, to allow iffling reserves to fall to a working one-on-one level some seven years past.