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AGLA(אגלא) is a notariqon (kabbalistic acronym) for Atah Gibor Le-olam Adonai,"You, O Lord, are mighty forever." It is said daily in the second blessing of the Amidah, the central Jewish prayer. Also seen as Athah gabor leolah, adonai, (אתה גבור לעולם אדני - Thou art powerful and eternal, Lord) Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers has suggested an arbitrary interpretation of AGLA (אגלא) as "A the one first, A the one last, G, the trinity in unity, L, the completion of the Great Work." According to The Triangular Book of the Count of St Germain God by the name of AGLA was responsible for the preservation of Lot and his family from the fire of Sodom and Gomorrah.

AGLA (disambiguation)

AGLA is a kabbalistic acronym. AGLA may also refer to:

  • AGLA France (Association des Gays et Lesbiennes Arméniens de France)
  • Agrupación Guerrillera de Levante y Aragón, group of Spanish Maquis