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AGK may refer to:

  • A. G. K. Gokhale, (born 1959), the first surgeon in Andhra Pradesh to successfully perform heart transplant
  • Aggreko, UK temporary power generation company LSE code
  • Alpha Gamma Kappa Fraternity, a fraternal organization for students and practitioners of podiatric medicine in the United States and Canada
  • AGK (gene), human gene that encodes the enzyme Acylglycerol kinase
  • App Game Kit, a computer program development system
  • Astronomische Gesellschaft Katalog, an astrometric star catalogue
  • Inagta Partido language, by ISO 639-3 language code
AGK (gene)

The human geneAGK encodes the enzymemitochondrial acylglycerol kinase.

The protein encoded by this gene is a mitochondrial membrane protein involved in lipid and glycerolipid metabolism. It catalyzes the formation of phosphatidic and lysophosphatidic acids. Defects in this gene have been associated with mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome 10.

Diseases associated with AGK include cataracts and cardiomyopathy. An important paralog of this gene is CERKL.