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Agis or AGIS may refer to:

Agis (Paeonian)

Agis (; died 358 BC) was the King of the Paeonians in ca. 358, a contemporary of Philip II of Macedon. His successor was Lykkeios.

Agis (play)

Agis, A Tragedy is a blank verse tragedy by the Scottish dramatist John Home. It was his first play, but has been greatly overshadowed, by his second (and once famous) play Douglas. It was first performed in 1747.

It is a classical drama, based on the life of Agis, King of Sparta and is founded on Plutarch's narrative.

After writing the play in Scotland in 1747, Home took it to London, and submitted it to David Garrick for representation at Drury Lane, but it was rejected as unsuitable for the stage. The play was produced later at Drury Lane on 21 February 1758 by Garrick. It was interpreted by good actors, the play was performed for eleven days but considered inferior to Douglas, another Home's play.