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Agia, Ayia, Aghia, Hagia , Haghia & AGIA may refer to:

Usage examples of "agia".

If Ormazd could bring me through hell and death with all my memories of that other life intact in my mind, why doesn't Agia recall being Aretha?

I glanced at Agia, who sat silent and still on her heels at the foot of my pallet.

I turned from him to Agia, who had not moved all through our conversation.

And that he warned Hulagu that you were a demon and advised him to kill you," Agia said.

As Agia and I neared the city, we could see that buildings of sun-baked mud and even stone were rising around the ordu, the pavilion of tents that marked the headquarters of the High Khan.

After so many weeks of hard riding, Agia and I collapsed into the feather bed and slept for almost twenty-four hours.

I agreed with Agia that no one except Ahriman could possibly want to kill me.

Ahriman had killed Aretha in the twentieth century, and yet Agia lived here beside me.

I introduced him to Agia, who bowed very low to him, then busied herself building the fire higher in the hearth.

For days Agia and I wandered through the crowded, noisy lanes that meandered between yurts and buildings of stone and adobe, seeking the Dark One.

But despite the fact that she had lived in the twentieth century and in other times, Agia comprehended very little of what I told her.

He had also sent Agia here, as a sort of native guide, a barometer of the attitudes and understandings of the people of this era.

But, remembering what had happened to Aretha, I added, "I would like to have the guards protect Agia while I am away from her.

I thought of Agia, especially at night as I drowsed off to sleep on the hard ground, wrapped in a smelly horse blanket.

And even though I did not trust his words, the thought of Agia alone out on the steppe in the storm drove me out of his temple and toward the horse corral at the city's edge.