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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aggrate \Ag*grate"\, v. t. [It. aggratare, fr. L. ad + gratus pleasing. See Grate, a.] To please. [Obs.]

Each one sought his lady to aggrate.


vb. (context obsolete English) To gratify, cause pleasure to.

Usage examples of "aggrate".

And euery of them stroue, with most delights,Him to aggrate, and greatest pleasures shew.

And in the midst thereof vpon the floure,A louely beuy of faire Ladies sate,Courted of many a iolly Paramoure,The which them did in modest wise amate,And each one sought his Lady to aggrate:And eke emongst them litle Cupid playdHis wanton sports, being returned lateFrom his fierce warres, and hauing from him laydHis cruell bow, wherewith he thousands hath dismayd.

And his true loue faire Psyche with him playes,Faire Psyche to him lately reconcyld,After long troubles and vnmeet vpbrayes,With which his mother Venus her reuyld,And eke himselfe her cruelly exyld:But now in stedfast loue and happy stateShe with him liues, and hath him borne a chyld,Pleasure, that doth both gods and men aggrate,Pleasure, the daughter of Cupid and Psyche late.

And euermore the shepheard Coridon,What euer thing he did her to aggrate,Did striue to match with strong contention,And all his paines did closely emulate.