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Aggey may refer to:

  • Archbishop John Kwao Amuzu Aggey of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, Nigeria
  • The Aggey, informal name for Moss Valley, Wrexham, Wales

See also:

  • Agaie, a town and local government area in Nigeria
  • Agaie Emirate, a historical state in present-day Nigeria
  • Agey, a commune in Côte-d'Or, Bourgogne, France
  • Aggai (disambiguation)
  • Aggay, a barangay (district) of Bantay, Ilocos Sur, Philippines
  • Agge (disambiguation)
  • Aggi (disambiguation)
  • Aggie (disambiguation)
  • Aggy (disambiguation)
  • Aghai, an Irish pentagraph
  • Agi (disambiguation)
  • Agii (disambiguation)
  • Haggai, a saint and minor prophet