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Agg or AGG may refer to:

As an acronym:

  • Anti-Grain Geometry, computer graphics rendering library
  • Aesthetic group gymnastics, Finnish style of gymnastics
  • Abnormal grain growth, materials science phenomenon

As another abbreviation or symbol:

  • Angor language (ISO 639-3 code)
  • Arginine, an amino acid with codon AGG
  • iShares Core Total US Bond Market ETF, an exchange-traded fund
  • Tirofiban, trade name Aggrastat, an antiplatelet drug

People with the surname Agg include:

  • Alfred John Agg (1830–1886), Australian colonial public servant

Usage examples of "agg".

He looked out the window and couldn't believe it: Al's unmarked Chrysler, plus two green-and-whites—a whole damn posse for a lousy agg assault.