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n. 1 One who or that which ages something. 2 (label en euphemism) One who is aging; an elderly person.


Ager or AGER may refer to:

  • Ager (surname)
  • Ager (river), a river in Upper Austria
  • Àger, a municipality in Catalonia, Spain
  • Viscounty of Àger, a medieval Catalan jurisdiction that branched off the County of Urgell
  • AGER, a US Navy designation for a type of "environmental research" technical research ship (in actuality a spy ship)
  • AGER, an alternate name for the protein RAGE (receptor)

Àger is a municipality in the comarca of the Noguera in Catalonia, Spain. It is situated in the north-west of the comarca, and the territory of the municipality stretches between the Noguera Ribagorçana and Noguera Pallaresa rivers. The Terradets reservoir on the Noguera Pallaresa is situated within the municipality. The village is linked to Balaguer and Tremp by the L-904 road.

Ager (river)

The Ager is a river in Upper Austria; it is the discharge of Lake Attersee by Kammer Schörfling and Seewalchen, and by Lambach it flows into the Traun.

The Ager emerged towards the end of the Würm glaciation, when the mighty glaciers began to melt.

Influx into the Ager:

  • The Vöckla flows into the Ager by Vöcklabruck
  • The Aurach River flows into the Ager by Wankham
  • The Redlbach flows into the Ager shortly before Schwanenstadt

Over the Attersee the Ager also receives water from the Mondsee, the Zeller See (Irrsee), and the Fuschlsee, that are all connected by relatively short streams.

In the postwar period, the Ager was strongly polluted by various nearby factories. Today this is less the case because several sewage treatment plants have been created.

Ager (surname)

Ager is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Andrew Ager (born 1962), Canadian composer
  • Cecilia Ager (1902–1981), American film critic
  • Deborah Ager, American poet
  • Klaus Ager (born 1946), Austrian composer and conductor
  • Maurice Ager (born 1984), American basketball player
  • Milton Ager (1893–1979), American pianist and composer
  • Nikolaus Ager (1568–1634), French botanist born in Alsace
  • Rob Ager, film critic and film-maker
  • Waldemar Ager (1869–1941), Norwegian-American newspaperman and author

Fictional characters:

  • Captain Ager and Lady Ager, characters in the 1617 play A Fair Quarrel

Usage examples of "ager".

The youth nodded a greeting and Ager returned the favor, noting there were plenty of vacant tables around.

Pirem handed over a coin before Ager could dig out any coppers from his purse.

They had reached the exit when Ager, struggling hard against his crookback, caught up with them.

Relief flooded through him when he saw the second assailant on the ground, Ager on top of him, blade sunk deep into his heart and lungs.

Leaving the blade in for fear of doing more damage, Kumul lifted Ager gently as if he weighed no more than a child.

The doctor did not move it, as Ager had been afraid he would do, but he retreated and talked to the other two again.

The giant gave a lopsided smile and held Ager by the shoulders, pinning him down.

Kumul barked, then glanced anxiously at Ager, guilty about raising his voice.

Without waiting for a reply, she went to Ager and peered at him closely.

He had lost friends before, and his friendship with Ager during the Slaver War largely had been largely professional, not personal.

That dark, wire-haired woman Kumul had found to measure up Ager and then sew and stitch the blue jerkin and pants was a miracle worker.

Ager shouted a command, and his own detachment of guards formed in front of the party and led the way down the Long Walk to the official dining room, a long space filled with the biggest table Ager had ever seen.

Seated between his countryman, Orkid Gravespear, and the Princess Areava, Ager thought he was a pleasant-looking youth with a quick smile and an open face.

The princess, for her part, seemed to enjoy the attention of the foreign prince, talking with him animatedly and occasionally even laughing softly, something Ager had never heard her do before.

For the first time in his life Lynan had a family, and for the first time in nearly twenty years Ager felt he had a home and companions with whom he could share it.