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n. (plural of agent English)

Agents (Finnish band)

Agents is a Finnish band formed in 1979, playing rautalanka, schlager and rock'n'roll music. The head figure and musical director of the band is solo guitarist Esa Pulliainen.

Usage examples of "agents".

Later Bucca learned that federal agents had questioned Refai twice about the Trade Center blast, in April and June of 1994.

On condition of anonymity, I also spoke with a number of special agents and investigators who are still on active duty.

One of the key agents in the investigation that led up to the Trade Center bombing was Special Agent Nancy Floyd.

The remaining details surrounding her story came from confidential Bureau sources and retired agents close to the investigation who agreed to speak to me on the record.

New York was appallingly similar to the stonewalling encountered by FBI agents in Phoenix and Minneapolis.

JTTF agents and detectives to contain the cell surrounding a blind old man: Egyptian cleric Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman.

The convicted terrorist got up from his bed and approached the bars as the two agents presented Bureau IDs and identified themselves.

The agents withdrew, but within minutes the steel door swung back open and two Bureau of Prisons guards stormed in.

Yousef told FBI agents that he felt guilty about killing, but in the same breath he endorsed a plot to murder two hundred and fifty thousand people in New York in retaliation for U.

In fact, they were photographed by agents from the New York office of the FBI.

Working with half a dozen other agents in a five-vehicle team, Fogle photographed a number of MEs loading boxes into vans outside the mosque.

By 1993 the JTTF had grown to include forty investigators and agents from the FBI, NYPD, the INS, the FAA, the ATF, and the U.

The New York JTTF, which partnered seasoned detectives like Napoli with FBI agents like Anticev, became a prototype for sixty-five similar units around the country.

Sheikh obtained three sanctioned visas from CIA agents posing as State Department officials at the U.

After all, Al Farooq, the very mosque al-Fadl worked out of, was the scene of that intense four-week FBI surveillance in the summer of 1989, when agents followed the convoys of jihadis to their Calverton shooting sessions.