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n. cord that is fastened around the kaffiyeh


n. a cord (usually of goat's hair) that Arabs (especially Bedouins) wind around their heads to hold down the kaffiyeh

Agal (disambiguation)

Agal or AGAL may also refer to:

  • Agal, an accessory
  • Agal, Iran, a village in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran
  • AGAL (Associaçom Galega da Língua), a reintegrationist association that seeks full normalization of Galician language
  • Adobe Graphics Assembly Language, a programming language for GPU shaders in Adobe Flash
Agal (accessory)

The agal (, : "bond" or "rope", in Hebrew: עיגול\Igul), also spelled iqal, egal or igal, is an accessory worn usually by Arab men. It is a black cord, worn doubled, used to keep the ghutrah in place on the wearer's head.

It is usually worn by Arabs of the Arabian Peninsula ( Saudi Arabia, Jordan, south of Iraq, and the Gulf Arabs), with the exception of Yemen and Oman.

Usage examples of "agal".

The interrogator was a narrow-skulled man in a military blouse and a headcloth bound into place by an agal made of twisted silver cord.

The agal bore no insignia, but the silver probably implied the rank of colonel.

The headcloth, given an extra lap round his chin and tucked up under his agal, added a dashing touch.