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Agag (; ʾĂḡāḡ, , meaning "high" in Northwest Semitic language) is a Northwest Semitic title and dynastic name of the kings of Amalek, just as Pharaoh was used as a dynastic name for the ancient Egyptians.

In the Torah, the expression "higher than Agag, and his kingdom will be lifted up" was uttered by Balaam in Numbers 24:7, in his third prophetic utterance, to describe a king of Israel who would be higher than the king of Amalek. This is understood to mean that Israel's king would take a higher position than even Amalek himself, and would exercise a wider authority. The writer uses an allusion to the literal significance of the word "Agag", meaning "high", to convey that the king of Israel would be "higher than High"; a characteristic trait of biblical poetry to use puns.

In the Hebrew Bible, Agag is also referred to as the king of Amalek who was defeated by King Saul in fulfillment of a decree by YHVH. (Ex 17:14; De 25:17-19; 1Sa 15:1-7) However, Saul failed to execute Agag and allowed the people to keep some of the spoil, and this resulted in Samuel's pronouncement of God's rejection of Saul as king. (1Sa 15:8-29) Agag was then executed by Samuel, who told him: "Just as your sword has bereaved women of children, in that way your mother will be most bereaved of children among women." (1Sa 15:32, 33)