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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

abbreviation of agriculture, attested from 1918, American English.


Etymology 1 n. (context chiefly in compounds English) agriculture. Etymology 2

interj. (context South Africa English) Expressing annoyance, remorse, surprise etc.; oh, ah.


Ág is a village in Baranya county, Hungary.

Usage examples of "ag".

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NETSCO had a group that was intellectually the equal of ours at Romberg AG: Niels Bohr, Theodore von Karman, Norbert Weiner, and Marie Curie.

He’d hated every minute of ag, but he’d remembered the movies of brandings and birthings and butcherings.

T he great door still hung on rotting hinges, but the lintel was broken and s agging, and the place was dangerous.

Silvers were called silver because the chemical symbol for silver was Ag, which stood for artificial genius.

He reflected that he was learning quite a lot on this case -about other people's businesses, other people's secrets, from the innards of the College of Arms to the innards of Ag.

She picked her way between the mossed sto nes, shook her wet neck, and was soon settled quietly enough with her noseb ag, under the dry curve of the dome.